December 6, 2021

Portrait Photographer Milwaukee – Carrie in the studio

“I’ve been admiring Jennifer’s work on social media for years and finally decided to book a session for me.
Like a lot of other midwestern ladies, I am used to downplaying compliments and redirecting attention given to my body. As society attempts to redefine beauty to be more inclusive of size and color and shape, I too struggle with my own ideas of what this means for me.
I consider my time with Jennifer (and Katrina!) to be a big, bad ass, somewhat blind leap towards a place where I’m more confident in my body and own brand of beauty.
Jennifer is a master craftsman – she is also warm, bubbly, and inquisitive. As my emotions went from terrified to imposter to intimidating to overwhelmed, she was there to gently reassure me that I was beautiful and deserved to be in photographs.
Photo shoot day flew by thanks to Katrina’s pampering and Jennifer’s laughter and direction. The final images are worthy of an art gallery but more importantly they reflect a range of who I am. It may sound cliche, but it’s true!
Thank you Jennifer, for bringing out my beauty and capturing images I’m so excited to share with others.” ~Carrie


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