October 5, 2021

Studio Portrait Photographer Milwaukee – Dana


“I feel a lot of positive and self-assured ways, but beautiful isn’t usually one of them. I dress more for comfort and I haven’t worn makeup in years. But when I saw the portraits Jenn has posted on FB, I felt that she was capturing beauty that comes from inside as well as out… and that it was important for me to see myself reflected that way.
I wanted to see the Dana who the people I love see, not just the one in the mirror.
I was so impressed and appreciative that Jenn listened to my ideas and goals and fears, and she worked with them honestly and thoughtfully. She pushed me outside my experience zone, but never outside of my identity.
It was easy to laugh and smile while we were shooting because it was actually fun! And that is evident in the finished portraits. Genuine Dana shines through in all of them.
The first thing I thought when I saw them was that I knew all along that Jenn could make pictures like that… and how amazing it was to learn that I could too.” ~ Dana


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