March 10, 2022

Art Below Zero Milwaukee Promotional Photos

I have been a huge fan of Max’s beautiful ice sculpting work at his company Art Below Zero for years and years. I was lucky to be able to photograph his work at some of the weddings I photographed many years ago. And of course, I have been watching his amazing work via Facebook since!
Max is truly a master of his craft. Ice sculpting is a passion he’s had since he was a teenager, and it really shows in the work he does.
I’ve always thought he had such excellent character and style – so when he reached out for portraits, I was really excited to design a shoot for him. I love the images we made in the studio! Max really brought it with sooo much expressive character. Really, a joy to photograph. If anyone needs beautiful, badass ice sculptures, he’s your man!
And now, a few words from Max:
“I’ve been following Jennifer’s amazing photography skills for a few years now. Every time I see one of her portrait sessions, I think the subjects always look interesting, professional, stunning! It makes me want to have a drink with that person or hire that person. Now I am going through my own reinventing and needed to refresh my personal and commercial image. Of course, Jennifer’s work came to mind! It turns out she makes you feel like a rockstar. She inspires your confidence. And, she has the skills to bring out the very best in you.” ~Max


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