February 7, 2022

Maternity Photographer in Milwaukee and West Allis – Victoria

“Johnny and I are soon to embark on an experience of love, I believe words won’t be able to describe. This choice was as intentional and fierce as our love for each other. We hoped so dearly for this moment and wanted to be captured in it’s joy and wonder.

Being photographed by Jennifer, leading up to becoming parents (human, we have a fur baby Roxy!), was so special. When I asked my husband how he felt being photographed he said “I felt like we were prancing centaurs.” The best way I can translate his silliness is by describing the feeling as mythical.

Until now this milestone seemed to be folklore, a magical wish and very distant dream. An unfamiliar picture of ourselves, we desired would become truth one day. Here it is, as true, real and present as our love itself. Thank you Jennifer, for capturing our family legend and giving rise to our emotions surrounding this memorable and wondrous occasion. Your work is astonishing!

Thank you Katrina for the beautiful makeup, hairdo and fabric tossing! You are so kind and talented. I always feel special in your hands!”

~ Victoria and Johnny 🖤


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