July 25, 2022

Milwaukee 30th Birthday Portrait Photographer – Studio Portraits – Sarah

“A friend had an amazing experience with Jennifer a few years ago, and I thought a photoshoot sounded fun and like something I wanted to do someday. Her photos were stunning, and I loved the idea of seeing yourself with fresh eyes through photos.
Leading up to my 30th birthday, it felt like time – personally and with work – to go for it. I am part of a beautiful racial justice organization, One Love Global, and am now also growing into more freelance writing and creative projects. This work constantly challenges me to explore self love as a foundation for how I show up in social justice and service. How can I love myself with as much care as I love others? How can I value joy and fun as well as hard work? How can I honor my own needs even as I serve others? It’s all an ongoing practice for me that comes back to believing in and practicing abundance, joy, love, grace… all qualities I saw in Jennifer’s photographs and in an experience like this.
I was also excited about the idea of pausing in this moment, capturing memories, and sharing them. I’m super sentimental and treasure family portraits and photos. I love the idea that these photos could feel special to my loved ones. And it can be intimidating to age, to enter a new decade, and I wanted to celebrate it and love myself through it.
After a fun consultation with Jennifer to pick out the wardrobe, we scheduled the photoshoot to take place on my birthday. From the moment I walked in that day, Jennifer made me feel like a superstar. Katrina rocked my hair and makeup (clearly). They made me feel “seen” in a way that filled me up and made me really comfortable throughout. I loved and appreciated Jennifer’s guidance, encouragement, humor, and pacing. It was an absolute blast.
In the weeks between the shoot and the reveal, I was nervous about the photos and how I might see myself. What if I’m disappointed? It wasn’t until I sat down on Jennifer’s studio couch and she started the slideshow video that the impact of the shoot really sank in. Photo after photo, I loved moments when I recognized myself as much as when I saw myself in new ways. Some were immediate favorites, while others drew me in more as I revisited them.
Jennifer’s artistry continues to blow me away, and it was a complete joy to have this experience with her. The prints are beautiful, they make me feel beautiful, and I know I will continue to revisit them, especially to remind myself how special this was and all it represents for me.” ~Sarah


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