May 3, 2022

Milwaukee Portrait Photographer Glamorous 50s – Eliz – West Allis Studio

“Have you forgotten what it feels like to be at ease in your body?
I had. This month I turn 57. Somewhere along the road, I became hypercritical of a body that carried twins, survived a heart attack, danced, loved, and still can grind a winch on Friday night sailboat races. I let other people’s words make me doubt its strength and beauty, and getting older takes away the pride in what it’s been able to do.
Who knew a photoshoot could have such a profound influence?
A few months ago, a friend had a photoshoot with Jennifer Brindley in West Allis Wisconsin and raved about the experience – and her photos were spectacular. I’ll admit it, I stalked Jennifer’s Facebook page for months.
Each time she posted a client’s photos, I looked closely for that light in the eyes, and it was always there. These women were having a blast, and they felt great. Jennifer’s eye for exquisite photos is a true gift. So I took a leap of faith and put myself in her able hands.
As a professional speaker, I needed fresh photos – but this experience was unlike any photoshoot I’ve had. From our first meeting, she made me feel comfortable being me and trying on items from her fantastic closet that was different from what I would typically choose.
I squelched the “you can’t wear that, your tummy will show” and “are you really going to show your arms?” voices in my head (put there by other people) and chose some beautiful gowns for the magazine-style part of the shoot.
Everything Jennifer uses is beautifully branded, including the self-care instruction brochure I took home from that first meeting. I spent 6 weeks exfoliating, moisturizing, and remembering to honor my body. This is brilliant. I arrived for my shoot with glowing skin and an attitude of gratitude for a body that has withstood 57 years!
My photoshoot day started with a professional stylist who did my hair and make-up. I looked like me – an elevated version of me! Then Jennifer and I had a blast with 10 clothing changes, each more fun than the next, and a ton of laughter.
Thank you, Jennifer, for reminding me to celebrate and be proud. Thank you for capturing the light in my eyes. Thank you for a day I will never forget – and not just because I have gorgeous photos to remind me.
If you need to be reminded to practice self-kindness and love your body the way it is right now – especially if you too have been stalking her posts, go ahead and do it. Jennifer’s photoshoot experience is just the ticket!” ~Eliz


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