March 14, 2022

Milwaukee Studio Portrait Photographer – Glamorous – Elizabeth

“What is my “why”?
Do I mention the moment in 7th grade when the boy I was crushing on compared me (in size) to the state of Texas and it felt like something broke in me? Am I supposed to talk about the ups and downs of working to lose 100 pounds over the last 9 years? Do I discuss last summer, turning 30 and arguing with myself that it was ‘just another bad week, things are fine’ while my anxiety sneakily slipped from my usual “neurotic but functional” to “insomnia, dermatillomania, and panic attacks”?
So why did I want to be photographed? I’m not sure. Maybe I wanted to capture my version of “30, flirty, and thriving.” To fake some confidence for a while. To document what I look like after nearly a decade of ups and downs with my body. Maybe I just want to give that 7th grade boy the finger. (To my knowledge, he’s actually a very nice man now.)
But the experience? It was exactly what I’ve been reading about in these posts for months, so if you need someone to eloquently explain how wonderful it is, try reading the words of another stunning client. If you’re on the fence, and you’re reading my little post for motivation (I was in that position too), just do it.
I lead a pretty boring existence, so it felt pretty surreal. She’s not kidding when she calls it the ‘model for a day’ experience. If she uses her ‘trust me’ trump card on something, be it an outfit out of your comfort zone or a pose, I highly recommend trusting her because the results are stunning. The same goes for Katrina- if she wants to try something, let her. The results were worth it. And I truly can’t imagine anyone making it easier to be awkwardly naked with a camera pointed at you.
I’m not sure I can really describe the reveal day, I think my brain was a bit scrambled from the moment the slideshow started. Running around a gallery wall filled with- yup, that’s ME- shuffling and sorting through outfits and poses and smiles was one of the most weirdly wonderful experiences I’ve ever had.
It’s like the universe has a sense of humor because my pictures are clearly me, but it’s like if I was actually “30, flirty, and thriving.” I read all those posts about women seeing themselves through these photographs and that confidence they feel, and I just wasn’t sure that would be me when the time came.
Would I see ME in my pictures? Because anyone can look great with professional hair and makeup and posing.
Would I get all glammed up, but still be able to find my ‘normal’ self in those pretty pictures?
The answer is yes. And I’m so glad I have these photos to capture this perfectly imperfect moment of my life. ” ~Elizabeth


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