June 30, 2023

Attorney Headshots Milwaukee and West Allis – Christian

I photographed Christian & Rob’s wedding in 2016, and was so excited when Christian wanted to come in for some personal branding photos.
Over the last 12+ years at the Public Defender’s Office, Chrisitan has represented thousands of clients in their time of need, often to great success. He is known to the District Attorneys as a fierce and unrelenting adversary who is able to “work miracles” for his clients. He is well known in the Milwaukee judicial community as an aggressive but respectful advocate.
Having lived in two Spanish-speaking countries, Christian speaks Spanish fluently and is able to use that skill to help his clients.
In 2011 when Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was repealed Christian was finally able to join the military, so at age 29 he enlisted, spent a year and a half in active-duty training, and then returned to the WI Army National Guard. There he rose to the rank of Captain in the Military Intelligence Corps. He was also trained as, and served as, the Brigade Safety Officer, Brigade Physical Security Officer, Battalion Personnel Security Officer, and Brigade Antiterrorism Officer. Those additional duty assignments have translated into real-world skills that he uses even at the Public Defender’s office: when the pandemic started he was able to offer his skills to his office to help create a Safety Plan. Likewise he has often helped in assessing and addressing personnel and physical security issues within the firm.
In his spare time he helped to establish Courage LTD as their legal counsel for 4 years. Courage is Wisconsin’s first (and only) LGBT Homeless Shelter and Group Home. He sat with their founders at the inception of the idea, and was so inspired that within days he had successfully filed for the organization’s non-profit status at both the State and Federal levels. Since then he has helped them with lobbying, tax filing and compliance, questions of liability and good governance. This was the second LGBT non-profit he has helped to start.
Obviously, Christian is a hell of a person, and a consummate professional in his field. I am so excited he now has a set of images that communicate his energy and versatility.


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