November 20, 2023

Full Service Photo Shoot in Milwaukee – Glam and Branding – Debby

“I first connected with Jennifer to do some headshots for me and my husband as we are working on a new project for our company, and I came away with so much more! And I loved each step of the way – Jennifer truly made this a magical experience.
As someone who was navigating the planning of this photo session from Taipei, Taiwan, and doing the planning with Jennifer virtually via Zoom and through emails, I can attest to how well-organized Jennifer is, with so much attention to detail and the ability to read people very quickly to understand what might be best for them.
This was most definitely the case for me, as I came in having never done professional photos since senior pictures in high school (almost 20 years ago) and with virtually no idea what I wanted. All I knew is that I definitely needed headshots for a website we are designing for our new project, and Jennifer’s images looked incredible when I came across some of her work from a friend’s Facebook post.
For a little background, my husband Chris and I work in education, and we opened our own English language schools in Taipei, Taiwan. Over the past 12 years, we’ve grown from one location to four and a full-time staff of over 70, and now we are starting to work with families in educational consulting. So when we wanted to have our first-ever professional headshots taken for our upcoming website, I knew that I wanted to have them done by Jennifer. Ultimately the session ended up being just for me as my husband couldn’t join this round.
Jennifer is so thorough and really strives to know each individual client’s needs, personality, and the vibe of the photos. (She also was extremely accommodating to my busy travel schedule and planning while I was overseas!)
As soon as I walked through the door for the fitting and styling session, I knew I was going to enjoy my work with Jennifer. She made me immediately feel like an old friend and immediately comfortable as I tried on dozens of outfits to pick the ones for the shoot.
The day of the shoot was even better than I could have imagined. When I arrived in the morning, there was a cute, personalized sign greeting me at my seat for hair and makeup. Jennifer introduced me to Katrina, who got right to work helping me get my hair and makeup just right for me – someone who rarely wears makeup and doesn’t deviate often from just straightening my hair. I wanted a look that was pretty natural and still looked like me, while also stepping it up a notch. Katrina completely nailed it! She asked me a couple times for feedback to make sure I was comfortable with the style, and it turned out amazing.
From there, the rest of the day was a blur but so much fun. Jennifer had such a great eye for details, from jewelry pairings to adjustments with all the different poses and sets. Her studio was perfect for me – it was just me, and I didn’t have to worry about other people watching me, so I could feel completely comfortable, and it helped me be able to focus on Jennifer’s instructions throughout the day.
For someone who has taken very few photos and also from my perspective as an educator, Jennifer’s guidance was spot-on: clear instructions and really positive. She knew right when to try a slightly different pose or angle and when to move onto another outfit – and her time management was excellent! We ended right on time, with a quick reminder from Jennifer on when we would follow up for the big reveal.
Then I had a whirlwind of a few weeks, and suddenly I was back in Taipei, meeting with Jennifer early on a Saturday morning (my time). As we went through all the photos multiple times, I couldn’t get over how many photos I loved! And Jennifer was so incredibly patient once again as I took SO long to choose my photos, making sure, once again, that I had everything I needed as a client. I loved the different sides of me that Jennifer was able to show in the range of photos she took. Once again, I was so happy with the experience, from start to finish – and I was thrilled with the end result too.
And that’s really what I want to highlight about how much I loved the experience of working with Jennifer.
As a business owner, I can appreciate all of Jennifer’s attention to detail and most of all, her attention to her clients. I have seen customer service all over the world, and rarely have I had such an incredibly positive experience from start to finish with anyone.
Jennifer anticipates the needs of each individual – even someone living on the other side of the world and only available in person for a few short days – and not only figures out how to meet these needs, but also helps you feel comfortable and confident throughout, makes it tons of fun, and even in my case, figures out how to get the photos to me in a foreign country – completely exceeding my expectations throughout the process.
Jennifer, thank you SO much – and I can’t wait to be back in the studio again with you soon!” ~Debby


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