October 27, 2023

Fun, Glam Photos in Milwaukee WI – Mariah and her BOOKS!

“My name is Mariah, and I am a stay-at-home momma with three really cool babes. I am a dedicated skincare junkie, I take hot yoga seriously, and I read all of the books. I am also the creator of a professional coaching business called More Than Mama where my mission is to help mothers stop accepting survival mode and step into a happier, healthier, more fulfilled season of mom-life. When I am not having my photo taken by Jennifer, I am busy building a life with my cutie husband and likely decorating a room in our always-being-renovated home.
I wanted to be photographed because I recently came out of a season of not really liking myself. I lost myself somewhere in this crazy motherhood journey and worked really hard to dig myself out of that. I love this version of Mariah and I wanted her documented. Plus, how much fun is it to get all gussied up!
The experience itself was deeply personal. Jennifer has a way of just knowing you and then capturing you. It was meaningful and it was FUN. I was immediately impressed by the consult appointment, because Jennifer took the time to have a conversation with me, about me; who I am, who I have been, why I was there, etc. It meant a lot to me.
Choosing the outfits was like shopping with a best friend. Jennifer was honest, but in a way that made me feel like she had my back.
The photoshoot was a whirlwind! Jennifer is efficient and thorough. I had no idea what I was doing, mostly because I am not a runway model, but with Jennifer guiding me and empowering me, it didn’t feel clumsy or hard. It felt powerful.
The reveal was MAGICAL! Oh my goodness! I did not know what to expect. I didn’t know how she would show me my photos. It was perfect. And let me tell you something. If you are feeling low on the confidence front at all… being presented with an entire wall of photos of you looking like something out of a magazine is sure to help. Promise. Mean it.
Book the session, ladies. You know you want to.” ♥ ~Mariah


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