November 30, 2023

Glam Portraits in Milwaukee – Lei Lei in the Studio

“I had first encountered Jennifer’s website years back and decided that one day I would gift myself a photo session. As a full-time, working mom raising two kids, taking the time and resources for a photoshoot all about myself seemed unbelievably indulgent.
But then… turning 40 felt like such a pivotal moment in my life, and I realized I wanted to look back at this age and see this stage of my life as being filled with happiness, confidence, and strength. I wanted to look back and reflect that it would be start of something great and not the end of anything.
When I first met Jennifer, I knew right away that she would be amazing to work with. Besides creating an amazingly beautiful and artful final product, Jennifer makes you feel simultaneously like an old friend and a glamorous movie star. From our email communications, to picking out the wardrobe, and the day of the shoot, Jennifer made every step of the way feel exciting and fun.
On the day of the shoot, my hair and makeup were beautifully done by Katrina who carefully listened to my preferences and effortlessly created multiple looks that suited my wardrobe choices. Jennifer‘s skillful direction of poses and down to earth demeanor made me feel so comfortable and natural. I left the photoshoot feeling a sexy confidence that lasted the entire day.
I wasn’t sure what to expect on reveal day, and I won’t give it away completely, but I will say that I was absolutely blown away not only by the quality and beautiful execution of the photos but the way that they were presented. It was delightful and truly special.
Thank you, Jennifer, for giving me a gift that will last a lifetime and a reminder to myself that 40 is indeed fabulous.”
-Lei Lei


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