December 13, 2023

Magazine Style Cultural Portraits in Milwaukee – Leah of the Oneida Nation

“I am a mom, a wife, a middle child, a full-time employee, a proud member of the Oneida nation of WI, an athlete, and of course one of those tom-boy types who much rather carry around a fishing pole than a purse while I’m out chasing that next adventure.
I first learned of Jennifer after a friend shared her portraits on social media. I was immediately intrigued because not only did my friend look amazing, but the photographs did a great job of capturing my friend’s personality without changing who she was. After admiring my friend’s photos of course, I had to do some research.
Learning that Jennifer helps you with everything (styling, color choices, posing, and that she teams up with a world class hair and makeup artist) I knew this was something that I wanted to add to my bucket list, and that turning 40 was a perfect time for me to book the session.
During the consult, Jennifer took the time to get to know me and made me feel comfortable. Talking about what I wanted to get out of the photo shoot really helped, because it narrowed down what the end goal was. With Jennifer already having some outfits pulled out and ready made the process go more smoothly than I was expecting. I really enjoyed trying the different styles on and seeing what colors went well with my skin tone and body shape.
Even though the consult went smooth, when it came time for the photo session, I was still so nervous and could hardly sleep the night before. As soon as I got myself there and walked through the doors the nervousness turned to excitement.
Getting all glammed up by Katrina was another amazing experience because she was able to do things to my hair that I didn’t know could be done. After Katrina worked her magic, it was Jennifer’s turn. Jennifer helped guide me through the photo shoot step by step, and the excitement of it all was present through the last shot.
Coming back for the reveal and viewing the slideshow was nice, but being able to see the photos all displayed on the wall is what touched me more.
I got everything that I asked for, and am more than grateful that I will have these portraits to cherish for the rest of my years.
A huge thank you to Jennifer & Katrina for helping me show that I was here. I existed.” ~Leah


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