September 20, 2023

Milwaukee Contemporary Portrait Photographer – Glam in Studio – Tori


“For this 40-year-old, camping, gym rat, boy mom of two… you had me at “Its Vanity Fair meets Oscar’s after party.”
Being able to shoot with a true ARTIST is an experience I would recommend to anyone looking to truly feel seen. To anyone looking to step out of their comfort zone and allow themselves to explore the parts that we may keep a little more hidden or just dont believe exist. But to let that out? With this Photographer?!? It was a full body YES.
From deciding on the wardrobe, “what actually is my style??? How do I want to feel?” She has options for everything. To hair and makeup with the incredible Katrina, I had never seen myself like that. Lashes? Who is this?!? To the day of the actual shoot, what a gift to give yourself. Jenn and I bonded over our shared taste of amazing music which made the day just groove.
I may feel more comfortable out somewhere in nature but it also felt pretty damn good to feel like a bombshell.
Turns out we can be both/and.
I think that is what it is all about as women.
When I look at these treasures, they capture a moment in time of my life that is for me, and hopefully my kids and grandkids for years to come.”


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