September 25, 2023

Milwaukee Fine Art Portrait Photographer – Kaydee in the West Allis Studio

“As a photographer, it is easy to get lost capturing life and avoid putting the spotlight on myself. And though I present myself as confident and boisterous, I still struggle with the way I view my body. As I begin my own body liberation journey, I find it important to practice what I preach: love your body and cherish all it’s given you.
When searching for an artist selecting Jennifer was a no brainer. Her work was incredible, the experience rumored to be even better.
Upon arriving to the studio, I felt immediately at home, the creative energy radiating through the room was electrifying. She brought all our creative visions to life with ease and vigor. I felt like the center of attention. Which, fun side note, I love.
The reveal experience had me borderline in tears. I was completely in awe of the final images. I left feeling like a work of art. The products I was presented with were the highest quality and stunning.
As always, my dearest Katrina helped me bring out my inner beauty queen with the phenomenal hair and makeup. Without out her, none of this would have been possible. Her talent and skills are unmatched and I’m so honored to call her my friend.
Jennifer and Katrina, thank you for an eye-opening day. I was able to see myself as an incredible work of art. I am forever grateful for this experience and the beautiful keepsakes.”


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