October 6, 2023

Milwaukee Contemporary Portrait Photographer – Kaitlyn Glam in Studio


“If there’s one thing about me, it’s that I like to put other people first. It’s not that I don’t care about me, but rather, it’s I know I’ll get to me later.
For years, I’ve watched Jennifer photograph beautiful people; people of all different backgrounds, and I thought I want to be photographed by her because of that. I finally acted on it this year.
Having just had my last baby, I wasn’t confident that my body would be what I wanted photographed, but I knew she’d be able to portray the beauty that it provided me: a feminine body that carried three pregnancies. I needed to celebrate that, even if I wasn’t confident with what I saw in the mirror.
Fast forward to our consultation where I was put at ease from the get-go: we picked a wardrobe that worked for my body and colors, styles, and accessories that mirrored my soul.
When it came to the shoot itself, Katrina and Jennifer made me feel incredibly welcomed: beautiful, confident, and sexy; even if I didn’t believe it myself, the feeling was there. This was the jumpstart I needed to put the “me” back in my identity: I am not just a mother, I am me.
The photoshoot was so much fun. Who knew being a “model” for a day was so exhausting?! Everything Jennifer did was professional, boosting, and exciting. I cannot thank her enough for this experience; and with that is gratitude for Katrina who did my hair and makeup and started the day out with the portrayal of beauty.
When it came to the reveal, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. Would my larger body really photograph well? Would I be confident in the pictures she took? What if my face, arms, or belly are showing?
And then the wall of me was presented… I could not believe my eyes. The beauty she saw in me was unmistakable. Even if I wanted to be critical about something I would judge my postpartum body for, I saw that she saw the beauty in me I needed to see in myself. Her professional artistry really captured moments I needed to see to understand what others might see.
This is the beginning of me building confidence with my postpartum body; the beginning of me putting me first; the beginning of me realigning my identity as “Kaitlyn” and “mom” – not just being “a mom;” this is my beginning all thanks to Jennifer!” ~Kaitlyn


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