November 27, 2023

Portrait Photographer Milwaukee – Lisa in the Studio

“Once upon a time, a friend posted her portraits by Jennifer on social media. They were gorgeous, of course. I knew right away I wanted to be photographed by Jennifer, but it took a few years before I finally booked a session.
The initial consultation was so much fun! Jennifer picked out a custom selection of beautiful clothes before I arrived. I got to try them all on and pick the ones that made us both go, “Wow!”
The day of the shoot, Katrina used her amazing hair and makeup skills to make me look my absolute best. The combination of Jennifer, Katrina, and the studio environment itself helped me relax and have fun. I felt beautiful, and it really was a magical day.
The day of the reveal was magical as well. I kept thinking, “Do I really look like this?” The slideshow brought me to tears, and it was difficult to narrow down all the photos to a final collection.
I never thought I was beautiful. “I look good” is about the best I could ever think about myself.
That has finally changed. I now know that I am beautiful – outside as well as inside.
I am so grateful to Jennifer and Katrina for the priceless gift of helping me change my internal narrative.” ~Lisa


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