July 27, 2023

Professional Photographer Magazine Feature – PPA

Back when I was a budding photographer with no more than a 10×10 room to shoot in, I would receive my copy of Professional Photographer magazine every month and wistfully thumb through the pages and articles, reading about the successful, beautiful photographers and artists across the country. Back in those days, even though I couldn’t quite visualize what that kind of success would look like… something inside of me knew that being a photographer was the path I was meant to take.
Fast forward fifteen years to today, I opened up this month’s issue of Professional Photographer magazine to see the feature story on my studio. “Alive With Character: Jennifer Brindley Celebrates the Many Facets of Womanhood”
I want to cry with gratitude and a deep sense of pride in this moment. The PPA is one of the longest standing and most prestigious organizations in the photography industry. To be recognized by them is to be recognized by both my peers and my betters. I am so honored and happy to see my work and to read my story in this magazine. Thank you to Jane Gaboury (editor) and everyone who puts their heart and soul into the PPA and this magazine.


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