August 1, 2023

Sexy and Glamorous Portrait Photographer Milwaukee – Brenda

“My name is Brenda. I wanted to be photographed because I found myself comfortable in my own skin for the first time in my life. I struggled with an eating disorder as a teenager and had body image struggles my entire life. I went through a divorce a year ago, I was on anxiety medication for years, and I had a really hard time managing my stress with my two young kids and a super demanding job. I ended up losing about 40 pounds due to grief and stress.
After much therapy, I decided to go off my medication and try to manage my stress and anxiety with exercise and have been loving my Peloton journey! It makes me feel good and helps me keep my balance. I am enjoying being single and reinventing my life and priorities. For the first time in my life I have loved my body! So I needed to celebrate this feeling of love!
I loved perusing through all of Jennifer’s outfits and jewelry, and it was exciting to have her pick out dresses for me to try on. Some of these outfits are dresses that I have never had to opportunity to put on, and it was fun to dress up and feel glamorous.
As far as my reveal goes, I was surprised by the photos! I knew I would love them, but they turned out way better than I was expecting! I look at them and feel so beautiful! Parts of my body that I don’t normally appreciate look so beautiful to me! I feel like a model.
THANK YOU SO MUCH JENNIFER!!!!! I am so happy.” ~Brenda


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