April 17, 2024

Glamorous Photos in Milwaukee – Rebecca’s Studio Portraits

“This was all about getting outside of my comfort zone to embrace myself.
When my sweetheart suggested that I book a photo session with the brilliant Jennifer Brindley (who’s photographs of him I had long admired), I said sure, mainly because I couldn’t think of a gracious way to say “what, no! I hate being photographed! I feel terribly self-conscious, and this would be like torture for me.” I obviously agreed anyway but was truly nervous and kind of dreading the entire thing.
But then I met Jennifer. And I saw her studio filled with beautiful portraits of people that just looked like they were realizing, and owning, their beauty. That first appointment was like playing dress-up with so many beautiful gowns and jewelry!
The photo shoot itself – Jennifer makes the entire process light-hearted, fun, intimate and relaxing. But, the entire time, she is so professional, and knows exactly what she wants and needs to do to make you look like your authentic beautiful self.
Jennifer’s hair and makeup artist, Katrina, is brilliant. She is SO talented and very kind, and I loved that she made me look like me, she did not load me up with too much makeup or style my hair in a way that didn’t fit my personality.
From the initial meeting to the actual shoot-day to the reveal, Jennifer has a magic way of making you feel at ease and safe in her hands.
The reveal experience in particular was very special – seeing a wall of photos of yourself looking gorgeous doesn’t happen very often in a lifetime!
Bottom line – if you are at all curious about booking an appointment with Jennifer – JUST DO IT! You will not regret it!”


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