April 15, 2024

Contemporary Portraits in Milwaukee – Tiffany in the Studio

“This year holds great significance for me, marked by a milestone birthday that beckons me into a new stage of life. It comes amidst a backdrop of immense challenges faced over the last few years—the heartbreaking losses of both my mother and dear friend Adele, the discovery that a career path I’d invested significant time and money in wasn’t a good fit, and the inevitable revelation of a late ADHD diagnosis.
In January, I chose a word of the year to help me live each day of 2024 with intention and purpose. This word, “TRANSFORMATION,” is symbolized by a swan signet ring I wear on my right middle finger. It reminds me daily that I’ve chosen to live a season of personal growth, exploration, and change.
In my work as a voice actor and narrator, transformation takes on a multifaceted meaning. It’s about honing my craft, pushing the boundaries of my abilities, and creating transformative experiences for both me and my clients. With each voice I lend, I strive to weave narratives that resonate deeply, leaving an indelible mark on those who hear them.
But transformation isn’t confined to the realms of career and personal growth. It’s about confronting fears, embracing vulnerabilities, and daring to venture outside my comfort zone. It’s about acknowledging that true growth often lies on the other side of discomfort.
This photoshoot with Jennifer holds particular meaning for me because it’s not just about needing new headshots or capturing a moment in time—it’s about capturing the essence of who I am—my journey.
I’ve been an ardent fan and follower of Jennifer’s artistry for a long time. Her work is eye-catching, nuanced, stunningly beautiful, and emotive. She’s a master at capturing the inner and outer beauty of her subjects, their energy, individuality, and their spirit.
Having my picture taken often makes me uncomfortable for all the usual reasons—most women, I think, can relate. But, for me, there’s something else to consider. My experience with Bell’s Palsy several years ago left the right side of my face permanently altered. My smile is a bit crooked, my right eyelid is weak, and that side of my face is less animated. Though I made peace with the irreversible damage long ago, photos often highlight these areas, leaving me feeling exposed, ugly, and misrepresented. Choosing a photographer I can feel vulnerable with and trust to bring out the best in me is no small task.
Then comes Jennifer Brindley. Jennifer herself is innately disarming. She puts you at ease the moment you meet her, and makes you feel seen, heard, and understood. Her partner, Katrina, is a gifted hair and make-up artist whose presence and vision helped me to embrace my confidence, and feel beautiful, fierce, and empowered.
As I stood before the camera, my anxiety and discomfort melted away. What an unforgettable experience it is to witness Jennifer’s creative process, and to be a subject of her art. Observing a master at work is pure magic; it ignites a spark within you, inspiring you to your own excellence. I knew these photographs would serve as a tangible reminder of my journey of transformation—a testament to the person I am today and the person I aspire to become. The reveal confirmed this.
Upon seeing my slideshow and printed photos displayed on the wall in front of me, I was riveted and awestruck. Each photograph was crafted with mindful vision, care, and detail from the turn of my head, angle of my body, and placement of my hands to the color of backdrop, positioning of jewelry, and lighting selected. All I could do was smile brightly and say, “wow,” over and over and over.
As I reflect on this experience with Jennifer, I am filled with gratitude and joy. She has not only gifted me with stunning photographs, but also a renewed sense of confidence and empowerment. Through her lens, I now believe more than ever in my own power to transform and evolve.” ~Tiffany


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