March 25, 2024

Oneida Nation Portrait Photographer – Stephenie in the Studio

“I am at a place in my life where my job lines up with my passions. I am an artist, storyteller and educator. I love presenting to all sorts of groups, but when asked for my photo I cringe. I can’t count how many times I’ve tried to take my own photos and felt disappointed.
I was tired of submitting photos that didn’t really capture who I am.
A friend of mine shared her photos that were taken by Jennifer Brindley. They were works of art, like I was looking at a magazine cover. I soon reached out to Jennifer with hopes that she could create images that I’d be proud of.
I am a mom, wife, I work full time and my looks had taken a back seat to all of this for the past 26 years. I didn’t know if Jennifer would be able to find the beautiful in me, but it was sure worth a try.
Jennifer spent time with me to figure out what my style was and what made me feel beautiful, even though I myself did not know. She had a huge selection of clothes and jewelry to try on. I let my guard down and trusted her. It was like spending time with a sister as we laughed and I found that many of the clothes that I’d never give a second look made me feel amazing.
The day of the photo shoot arrived. I sat in the makeup chair as the makeup artist did my makeup and hair. I was even invited to create a playlist of my favorite music while we worked. I felt like a superstar. Jennifer guided me through the shoot, encouraging and coaching me. The day went by fast and I felt heard, seen, and relieved.
Looking back at the experience is something I will remember forever. She created a custom experience just for me. It renewed my belief in myself to feel beautiful.
The photo reveal produced an abundance of images that took my breath away. I now have images that I feel proud to share. Jennifer put in the work to uncover the real me, I’ll never go anywhere else.” ~Stephenie


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