“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera."
2 Aug, 2022

Milwaukee Contemporary Portraits and Headshots – Ashleigh in Studio

“I originally set out to find a photographer to take some professional headshots for my new job. However, once I met Jennifer and saw her beautiful work, I decide to get some personal shots done as well. The whole experience from start to finish was fantastic! I’ve never felt more comfortable with someone in such […]

25 Jul, 2022

Milwaukee 30th Birthday Portrait Photographer – Studio Portraits – Sarah

“A friend had an amazing experience with Jennifer a few years ago, and I thought a photoshoot sounded fun and like something I wanted to do someday. Her photos were stunning, and I loved the idea of seeing yourself with fresh eyes through photos. Leading up to my 30th birthday, it felt like time – […]

14 Jul, 2022

Milwaukee Headshots and Personal Branding – Kelly – Esthetician

  Kelly came to me for some fresh branding portraits a few weeks ago, and I am ob-sessed with her photos! She owns the lovely Valley Skin Studio right in downtown Cedarburg, so if you’re up on that side of town you should definitely stop in for a facial! I am certain you deserve one. […]

1 Jul, 2022

Personal Branding and Headshots – West Allis Milwaukee – Aliah

  Aliah is a fabulous repeat client who decided to come back to the studio again for some fresh branding & headshots. As always, I had so much fun creating these for her. She is an executive and always looking to make sure she has current, fun images to create consistency in her digital and […]

3 Jun, 2022

Mens Portraits in Milwaukee – Headshots and Branding – Syd

I was recently honored to photograph Syd Robbie in the studio. This human is a total breath of fresh air, and is so full of enthusiasm for life. Syd’s life is a mix of the fine arts and advocacy; public health, acting, vocal music, dance, writing, Transgender / LGBQ advocacy, communications and marketing here in […]

12 May, 2022

70th Birthday Portraits – Milwaukee – Michelle

“I wanted to celebrate my 70th birthday this year and I was looking for a new way to do that. My family encouraged me to meet Jennifer for portraits to commemorate this milestone birthday. After seeing the beautiful portraits she had made for them, I took a giant step beyond my comfort zone and made […]

5 May, 2022

Milwaukee Contemporary Portrait Photographer – Kristie in the West Allis Studio

“My name is Kristi and I am a Store Team Lead in the HVAC industry. I’m 25 and just starting to find my way in my career. When people ask why I wanted to be photographed, I give them a couple of answers. The quick and easy response is that I am in a turning […]

3 May, 2022

Milwaukee Portrait Photographer Glamorous 50s – Eliz – West Allis Studio

“Have you forgotten what it feels like to be at ease in your body? I had. This month I turn 57. Somewhere along the road, I became hypercritical of a body that carried twins, survived a heart attack, danced, loved, and still can grind a winch on Friday night sailboat races. I let other people’s […]

14 Apr, 2022

40th Birthday Milestone Portraits Photographer – Milwaukee – Whitney in Studio

“I have known Jennifer for many years. She was my wedding photographer in 2010, and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching her professional journey – from weddings to storms to portraits. Seeing her portrait business grow, I knew I was going to celebrate my 40th birthday with a photo shoot with Jennifer. As a mom, a […]

7 Apr, 2022

Aunt and Niece Portraits in Studio – Milwaukee Photographer – Sabrina and Makenzie

“Makenzie and I have always been two peas in a pod. She is my baby brother’s daughter. As long as she has been in the world, she has been my roady! She has traveled with me up and down I-75 from Georgia to Florida and Milwaukee to Kansas and Alabama since she was two years […]

4 Apr, 2022

Milwaukee Headshots and Branding – Lori VP of Marketing

  “My name is Lori and I am currently the Vice President of Marketing at Motus. I reached out to Jennifer to take my photos for a few reasons. First – it was time that I did something for myself. I have always wanted to have professional photos taken, but it always ended up that […]

31 Mar, 2022

Milwaukee Personal Branding Headshots – Meg Galarza – Yoga Portraits

“The past 2 years for all of us have been incredibly difficult. As a yoga studio owner, our industry was hit hard by the pandemic, and I had to be resilient and creative, making difficult decisions to keep YogaOne Studio alive. I am happy to say we survived! The YogaOne community, which has grown over […]

22 Mar, 2022

Personal Branding Photography and Headshots Milwaukee – Mandi Linder

Mandi contacted me for branding & headshot images back in August of 2021 after landing her dream job working for the UN (the United Nations.) Her position is with UNHCR (The UN Refugee agency,) and she heads their U.S. public engagement and outreach which means a lot of travel and speaking, as well as working […]

14 Mar, 2022

Milwaukee Studio Portrait Photographer – Glamorous – Elizabeth

“What is my “why”? Do I mention the moment in 7th grade when the boy I was crushing on compared me (in size) to the state of Texas and it felt like something broke in me? Am I supposed to talk about the ups and downs of working to lose 100 pounds over the last […]

10 Mar, 2022

Art Below Zero Milwaukee Promotional Photos

I have been a huge fan of Max’s beautiful ice sculpting work at his company Art Below Zero for years and years. I was lucky to be able to photograph his work at some of the weddings I photographed many years ago. And of course, I have been watching his amazing work via Facebook since! […]

8 Mar, 2022

Potrait Photographer in West Allis – Ashley in Studio

I had the honor of photographing Ashley here a few weeks ago, and I am totally just in love with her style. There is such a fresh simplicity in her vibe that pairs so beautifully with the wild feeling of her amazing curls. We had a lot of fun creating images that have a bit […]

28 Feb, 2022

John Molitor – Milwaukee Headshots Photographer

If you live in Milwaukee or any surrounding cities, you’ve undoubtedly seen real estate signs around town from Molitor Properties. I’ve known John and his wife ever since I photographed their wedding in 2015. I photographed his wife in a portrait session a year or two ago, and was so happy to hear from John […]

17 Feb, 2022

Glamorous Portraits in the West Allis Photography Studio – Gabrielle

Gabrielle came to the studio for portraits of herself to pass on to her children – something they will enjoy after they get a little older and will appreciate them. She also needed a fresh headshot for business purposes, and so we had a lot of fun photographing her in a Hybrid Session! I absolutely […]

15 Feb, 2022

Personal Branding and Headshots Photographer Milwaukee West Allis – Kimberly

  It’s always such an honor when another photographer comes to me for portraits. This time it was the lovely Kimberly Ann Weaver Billings coming for some branding images for her boudoir photography business out in East Troy. I love her style, and she’s an absolute KNOCK OUT. She’s just a total babe inside and […]

7 Feb, 2022

Maternity Photographer in Milwaukee and West Allis – Victoria

“Johnny and I are soon to embark on an experience of love, I believe words won’t be able to describe. This choice was as intentional and fierce as our love for each other. We hoped so dearly for this moment and wanted to be captured in it’s joy and wonder. Being photographed by Jennifer, leading […]