Matthew is a fellow storm chaser, and we always had plans for a portrait session at some point.  Well, the stars finally aligned and the shoot happened!  In fact, Matt drove from Chicago to Milwaukee to be photographed by me….


Judy has one of my favorite same-day transformations, ever.  She is an actress and creative freelancer here in the Milwaukee area, and felt like it was really rare that a portrait ever really captured “her.”  Especially her personal style, which…

Erin, Preston and Walter

Milwaukee Pet Photographer, Milwaukee pet photos, Milwaukee dog portraits Erin came in to celebrate her new amazing hair color with a fabulous glam portrait session! We had a blast and topped things off with a few killer shots with her man…


Alison is one of my talented beauty artists.  This is a strong, bright woman with compassion and enthusiasm for everything she does.  I was thrilled to create some beautiful photos to showcase her warmth and beauty!


Nelly is a hard working executive and mother of two.  Her husband realized that she was never in any of the pictures they all took and she just didn’t have any nice photos of herself.  He bought her a photo…