– Make sure all suits are tailored and fit you well. Above all else this is MOST important!

– Be sure that ALL of your clothing is CLEAN and STEAMED or PRESSED.

– Opt for solid neutrals like navy, charcoal, white, brown, or black but don’t be afraid to step into the world of color or pattern depending on what you do. You can absolutely bring in color and that can help you stand out. It’s also great to bring your branding colors into your wardrobe selection via tops or jewelry. Message me directly for guidance on wardrobe.

– A blazer + jeans + top of your choice can communicate a relaxed professional approach. Depending on your work this can be anything from a rock & roll t-shirt to a button-down or professional top.

– If you haven’t bought any new clothing for your professional self in some time, it’s probably overdue. This is a wonderful opportunity to buy new items so you have fresh, crisp looking wardrobe that is contemporary and fits the body you are in right now.

– Despite what you think, it’s ALWAYS better to wear fitted clothing versus baggy, loose clothing.



– Your undergarments are the foundation of your entire look and can dramatically impact the way your clothing fits you.

– If you have NOT been fitted for a bra in the last year and you notice any issue such as cup-spillage, strap-slippage, loss of elasticity, over-tightness, you are wearing the WRONG SIZE bra. (most women are.) If you notice these issues, before your shoot please go to Allure Intimate Apparel (there is one in Brookfield and one in Mequon) to be properly fitted for a bra. Do not go to Victoria’s Secret or similar.

– Allure specializes in ensuring the correct measurement and fit. If you need help finding bras in your size, please reach out to me if they cannot point you in the right direction.



– If you need or want full-length portraits, don’t forget about shoes. They can be another great way to communicate your style and personality. Think: Color! Pattern! Playfulness! Timelessness! As usual, the approach will always depend on your industry and occupation. AVOID – Strong patterns (herringbone, checks, seersucker, tight stripes) and certain knit fabrics as they produce “moire” which is a photography effect that negatively impacts small patterns visually.

– Loose, boxy, unfitted clothing or stiff fabrics.

– Shirts / layers that are “slub knit” or very light, inexpensive materials. They are likely sheer when stretched and do not hold shape, they can look cheap and ill-fitting.



– If you wear glasses regularly and wish to be photographed with your glasses on, bring multiple pairs of glasses! This can be a real style statement. If you always wear glasses to your meetings or with your clients, definitely make sure we’re using those so you’re represented accurately.



– You’re welcome to bring any that help reflect what you do, or your personal style. This can include anything from jewelry, belts, jackets, scarves – to things like laptops, notebooks, coffee mugs, plants, artwork or other.

– Talk to me about any props you wish to involve BEFORE your session so I can plan appropriately.



– If you have a corporate headshot session (no hair & makeup services) please arrive with clean, pre-styled hair and makeup done and ready to shoot. Your session time does NOT have styling time built in.

– If you have booked a Personal Branding session and are taking advantage of hair & makeup services , please arrive with CLEAN, DRY hair free of product, and a clean, makeup-free face. (most men do not utilize hair & makeup services. If you would like to please let me know immediately.)

– No matter WHO you are or WHAT your services include PLEASE be sure to gently exfoliate & moisturize your face and LIPS at home the night before and use moisturizer and chapstick or lip oil day-of.

– If you suffer from dry lips, or if your session is in the wintertime, it will be necessary to start a lip regimen several weeks before your session. Dry, chapped lips make it impossible for our makeup artist to be able to apply lip makeup well, and it always shows up badly in photographs. Please help us help you, and make sure your lips are taken care of well.

-Please be comfortable with your hair color as it is– as that’s how it will be photographed. Digital retouching of hair for color correction or otherwise is a minimum of $80 per image.

– Please arrive to your session freshly showered, with deodorant on.

– If you have facial hair that you do not wish to show please be sure to shave as close to your session as possible.

– You may wish to consider a professional teeth cleaning before your shoot.




[ ] Message me with your branding needs

[ ] Message me with your wardrobe selections

[ ] Message me for referral to Katrina for a complimentary, customized skin care consultation a minimum of 30 days before your session.

[ ] Start a lip care regiment of gentle exfoliation and moisturization daily

[ ] Start stretching 20 minutes daily, neck, hips & back


[ ] Haircut / trim, color touch-up (roots) no later than 10 days prior to your shoot

[ ] Any facial waxing or threading should be done 10 days prior to shoot day.

[ ] Gentle Facial exfoliation (baking soda + water) and moisture treatment or mask

[ ] NO fake tanning before your shoot (if you arrive with a fake tan you forfeit your session.)

[ ] Don’t pick or bite (especially skin, lips & nails)

[ ] Mani / pedi (clear or neutral polish is best)

[ ] Make sure your undergarments / bras work well with your selected clothing, ie: that straps do not show, the fit is nice and smooth, lumps / textures do not show, etc. Try them all on together. If you need new undergarments, go get them!

[ ] Dry-clean any garments needing to be dry cleaned


[ ] Eat light, healthy meals

[ ] Drink lots of water

[ ] Continue stretching your neck, hips & back daily

[ ] Begin to prepare your bags

[ ] Iron or press any clothing, checking for tears, stains and removing tags


[ ] Shower + blow dry hair + deodorant

[ ] Shave your face (if applicable)

[ ] Gently exfoliate your LIPS

[ ] Moisturize your LIPS, face & entire body

[ ] Eat a light healthy breakfast

[ ] Arrive with clean, dry hair

[ ] Arrive on time (plan to arrive 10 minutes early)


[ ] Appropriate undergarments for your selected wardrobe (PLEASE remember both “nude” and “black” bra AND matching underwear, seamless / laser cut is best.)

[ ] Your preferred shapewear if applicable

[ ] Open front shirt or very stretchy top to wear for hair/makeup if you’ve booked a session that includes hair/makeup services

[ ] Accessories (jewelry / scarves / ties / bowties / pocket squares / pins / suspenders / vests)

[ ] Props (if you are bringing these, message me ASAP first)

[ ] Bring at least two extra options for outfits to be sure we have choices.

[ ] Tops/shirts to go with each blazer or jacket. Bring extras.

[ ] Matching / pair-able bottoms (pants/skirt) to go with each blazer/top. YOU MUST BRING MATCHING BOTTOMS even if you “only want” headshots.

[ ] Socks, shoes to match your outfits, as you wish.

[ ] Don’t forget your cleaned wedding ring (if applicable)

[ ] Bring snacks and beverages as you’d like (we do have water & various snacks! Bring anything you will need otherwise. There is a small fridge available if you need to use it.)