When your heart desires the unparalleled service of Jennifer Brindley Portrait Studio, there’s no room for settling. We extend a warm invitation for you to schedule a consultation where we can discuss this special offer, or you can effortlessly complete your online application. Upon approval you will be empowered to purchase the collection of your dreams with absolute assurance.

Enjoy the convenience of Deferred-Interest financing, available for qualifying Jennifer Brindley Portrait Studio clients.

Kindly be aware that clicking the links on this page will redirect you to a website managed by Synchrony Bank, facilitating the secure collection and processing of your application as well as lending for approved applicants on behalf of Jennifer Brindley Portrait Studio.

All clients are invited to apply for this special deferred-interest financing promotion.


-Promotional Financing is available with a credit application and subsequent credit approval with Synchrony Bank.

-We are able to offer promotional 6-month Deferred Interest financing.

-Deferred Interest is NOT deferred payments. Minimum monthly payments are required and begin right away.

-Deferred Interest is NOT “no interest.” Interest accrues at an APR of 29.99% from the date of purchase but is deferred to the end of the 6-month promotional period.

-If the entire balance is paid IN FULL by the end of the 6 months you are free and clear with zero interest to pay.

-If your total balance is NOT paid in full, interest will be imposed from the date of purchase.

-Please note that the required minimum monthly payments typically will not pay off your balance within 6 months, so you’ll want to make additional payments in order to pay off your balance by the end of the 6-month promotional period in order to avoid paying any interest.

-You can click HERE for an informational page about deferred interest.


1. If you’d like to apply, please click THIS LINK for the studio’s online application. (You can start by seeing if you prequalify, and then move on to your formal application.)

2. If the application comes back as approved, you can then accept the approval, and they’ll send you a Synchrony Bank Luxury credit card in the mail. You’ll receive a temporary account number that can be used immediately for your order at your reveal, or to pre-pay your desired collection.

3. With this financing you will be able to enjoy your photos RIGHT AWAY as your account will be fully paid in my studio*, and you will pay off your order directly with Synchrony Bank.

*assuming your approval amount covers the total due for the order you’d like to make.