I can’t wait to photograph you.

A Mother/Daughter(s) photo shoot is the most timeless and precious gift you can give.  Long after jewelry has tarnished, flowers have died and cards have been lost and forgotten… we look around and see the things that truly stand the test of time.

Memories and portraits. We all need a portrait that truly shows who we are, and we all want that portrait of the ones we love the most.

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“Jennifer was an amazing guide along the way. She made both of us feel completely comfortable in front of the camera.”

“Amanda and I had a wonderful time feeling pampered and beautiful with the whole photography session that Jennifer created. I personally was very nervous in the beginning because it’s been a long time since I have paid attention to myself.  However, with the wardrobe selections & Jennifer’s incredible skills as a photographer, the results were absolutely breathtaking. Jennifer sees things with her camera lens that others overlook. And when she captures the essence of the person through the eye of the lens, you can see the beauty within.”

“…They love the photos now, and I can only images what they’ll mean to them when they’re grown. Jenn has given us something truly magical, and so much bigger than a portrait.

“Natalia loves the pictures and I can’t stop staring at them. We will cherish these FOREVER! Thank you for sharing your talent with us. It makes me appreciate the photography profession and actually feel how powerful it is.”

“Bringing my daughters in with me to be photographed was a unique and wonderful experience. Getting into the positions in and of itself was fun and bonding. Jenn did a wonderful job posing us and making us feel comfortable.

“This was something my mother had wanted to do for a number of years and I knew it would be very special for her.

Jennifer was great.  She made everyone comfortable, she helped us to realize a cohesive look for our photos and really communicated the concept from start to finish.  Jennifer does not just take pictures, she creates an experience and a story.  These photos are something we will cherish forever.”



“Jenn goes far beyond taking pictures. She has helped me see myself for who I truly am and created images my daughter and I will treasure for all time. I am forever grateful to her this experience. ♥”

Real portraits.  Real women. Same day transformations.



“It was the most amazing experience! Jennifer not only made me feel beautiful during the shoot, she brought out my confidence as well. Her talents aren’t just behind the camera; she has a gift of bringing out your inner strength, beauty and confidence. When I was shooting with her I felt inspired and so comfortable in my own skin.”

When we saw all of our images, we were blown away. Narrowing the options proved impossible. She has an amazing way of capturing each individual’s personality. Our images were the most beautiful version of each person and reflected who we really are.”

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